Off Track…The last time

Today is a bittersweet day.  It’s our last minimum day…”Tracking Off” day.  For six years, Kevin has been on a year round schedule.  At 12:30 p.m. today, he’ll be out of school for four weeks.

I have never looked upon these weeks as a blip in my schedule.  Instead, I cherish them.  I look forward to them.  I plan the hell of out them!  But most importantly, I’m with my son 24/7.

He golfs with my girls on Thursday.  Sometimes he just heads out to the other nine and plays by himself.  He orders milkshakes and chili and soups and hamburgers from Mary and John.  He knows our membership number.  I feel it the following month financially!

This time is my opportunity to give him 100% of me as a parent.  I’m focused.  But trust, me ….I’ll be ready for a break in four weeks!  I’ll joyously welcome school back. I love teaching Math and Art in Mrs. Houston’s class, working one last trimester with Stone Lake’s Student Council kids, walking around campus and constantly hearing “Hi Mrs. Cendro!”  from smiling precious faces I’ve watched grow.

So this morning, I’m deep cleaning the bathrooms and getting the house in shape.  It’s his birthday weekend.  I’m totally going into domestic goddess mommie mode!

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