Southeast Asia…here we come!

I’ve had a few travels in my life that took me outside of the United States.  Mom, Dad and I travelled to Canada when I was 21. Dad took the family and Bill and I to Barbados a year after we were married in 1987. Mike took me to Cabo on a friend’s 40th birthday in 1999.  Otherwise, I’ve just travelled happily throughout the U.S.  I always imagined my first “big foreign visit” to be Europe.  Food, Art, Tradition…. all the stuff we dream of.  So you can only imagine that when Mike got that call asking if he’d accept the Presidency of PWR for 2012/13 how excited I was!!!!   Quick..where’s that International Convention?….Look…2013….Portugal….I am going to get to Europe.  I pick up my phone…call Mike….and he SLAMS THE BRAKES ON ME!!!

“Honey, we go the year before I become President”.  How could that be?  I had no desire to go to Southeast Asia.  But what a difference a year makes.  I’ve studied, studied, studied everything…..politics, architecture, history, art, religion, the people, the people, the people. I’m in love with Thailand and Cambodia.  I can’t wait to smell, hear, see, and touch it. I can’t wait TO TAKE PICTURES OF IT!!!!

Here’s our schedule if you’d like to follow along….

Phuket – Phi Phi Island, Elephant Trek across the island

Chiang Mai – Doi Suthep Temple, Tribal Villages, Dinner at TahNam

Cambodia – Siem Reap, Angkor Wat, Sacramento Rotary Water Well Project (more info to blow your mind on this one!)

Bangkok – Rotary International Conference, SHOPPING!!!, MASSAGE!!!!!,  Temple and Palace Tour, Lots of Hospitality Suites, Night Markets, Canal Markets, Dinner Cruise with my honey…..My King!

Stay Tuned as we Travel the Royal Country of Thailand and experience the good of our local Rotary in Cambodia!


Karen (FLE…..first lady elect!)

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