About Karen

A child of the 60s

A teen of the 70s

An achiever of the 80s

The 90s…..transitional

An older mom of the millennium

What’s next?

Wife, Mother, Business Owner, Community Volunteer, amateur photographer, Fun person to play golf with.

small portrait

3 responses to “About Karen

  1. What’s next? You ask…what’s next??? You are locally famous sister! Isn’t that enough?!?! Heck no! You’ve got some really cool stuff just around the corner into 2010…just waiting for you to grab it and run with it. Keep blogging! It’s fun to read and makes my day. I realize when I read about your day…that I’m not the only looney around! :>) xo Laurie

  2. Loved reading your blog. I didn’t know you played golf. I found a set of clubs under my house and have been thinking of taking some lessons. A little nervous about it though. I might need some pointers for a beginner. Worried about expert golfers getting behind me and getting pushed out of shape because I’m a beginner.

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