Today Mike Cooks….

Countdown until the end of football season.  If I’m hearing it right…today are the semifinals of the NFL, then in two weeks it’s SuperBowl Sunday.  I’m ready for football to be over with mixed emotions.  First, I’m sick of football.  My 49ers aren’t playing now…so who cares.  But, second, my husband is at his happiest cooking in our kitchen and watching his precious, all consuming football.

Last night, he was surrounded with piles of cookbooks trying to figure out what to dive into today.  Shopping list in hand, he headed to the grocery store bright and early today.  He has six recipes on his list for the day.

Interruption….it is 11:57 am.  “Not the time to talk about what he’s making……football is about to start.  Football details to deal with.”  Yes dear.

Ok it’s now 12:03.  “You wanted what now?”  Here’s what he’s making today!

Tuscan Tomato soup

Baby Back ribs (dinner tonight)

Italian Beef (Monday dinner)

Vegetable Curry (goes with the ribs)

Cole Slaw

Stuffed Mushrooms

He also makes lunch.  His newest toy is his ChefsChoice Meat Slicer.

Ribs are in the oven baking…sloooowwwwly.

First up…Cauliflower, Potatoes & Cabbage Indian-Style from All About Braising by Molly Stevens

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