Service Before Self = Fun & Yum

I’m not a Rotarian.  I’m married to a Rotarian.

I’ve surrounded myself with Rotarians.  I’m raising a future Rotarian.

The only meetings I’ve ever attended have been at my husband’s club…Point West Rotary.  I’ve been told that their meetings are the best and most fun.  Today is PWR’s 26th Birthday.

I have enjoyed the beer, food, music and sun at the Brewfest.

I’ve placed myriad bids on items at Festa da Vina.  My family and I have picked up garbage on the American River Parkway.  We’ve also been athletic….softball and bowling.

So why do I love my husband’s adventure in Rotary so much?  Rotary has defined the value of Service Before Self that is lived in our home.  It’s not lip service here.  It’s addictive.  It’s fulfilling.  It’s so much fun!

Last Friday, my twelve year old went “Off Track”.  That means he’s not going to school for four weeks.  The reality is…this is his last “Off Track”  forever.  So we’re going to cram as much in as possible without going anywhere!  I love this time with him.  I get to reinforce our values upon him 24/7 for four weeks!  I have savored everyone of these “Off Track” times!  I get to be the teacher for a few weeks.

Today, Kevin and I ventured into the big city of Sacramento and had a Service Before Self experience.  We’re not doing Rotary.  But the Rotary spirit was with us!  How cool was it that by chance we sat right near Lori Curry, a Point West Rotarian. She’ll even be on PWR’s Directors when Mike’s President!

We attended the River City Food Bank’s 8th Annual Empty Bowls.

We each got to select a bowl made by a local student.  I’m not sure where mine is from.

But Kevin’s was made by a Christian Brothers High School student.  Our bowls were wrapped up by one of the many volunteers working the event.

We then headed to the “Soup Line”.

I had a VERY FILLING Tuscan White Bean Soup and Kevin had a Tortilla Soup.

We had to admit…it was better than the one I make!  Local restaurants, such as Cafe Bernardo, Lucca, and Michelangelo’s cooked up and served their soups!

Did I mention the local school kids that helped serve and clean up?

This coming Saturday, the Elk Grove Food Bank is holding their 3rd Annual Empty Bowls.  They are serving from 11:00 to 1:30 at the First Baptist Church on East Stockton Blvd.

We have our tickets.  Hope to see you there after baseball practice!


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