Footwork…Thai Style

I didn’t think my first blog of my Rotary Wife’s Journey would be a week and a half post of returning home from Indochina.  My vision had always been to blog throughout our trip to Phuket, Chiang Mai, Siem Reap, Duon On and Bangkok.

Little did I know that this journey would be defined by something other than the Southeast Asian countries we experienced.  It’s defined by my foot.  My right foot to be exact.

I’ve never had great feet. They are as tiny as can be…ladies size 5.  That’s a 3 in kids and a 35 in non-American sizes.  Back in the day, I was able to buy sample sizes.  But not anymore.  Even Nordstrom carries far less of my size than they used to.  So you can only imagine how excited I was to be in the land of petite feet!  My shopping goal:  NEW SHOES!!!

But shopping for shoes had to wait. I made sure of that.

Let’s start at the very beginning, from my right foot’s perspective. Day 1 – Hanging out by the beautiful pool at our resort on Phuket. (That’s an island of Thailand…get your globe and go find it.) Day 2 – Boat tour to Phi Phi Island and Khai Island.  Great memories, all of which I’ll talk about in another post, Joker Team, monkeys, The Beach, Snorkeling, Motor Scooters, Singha, Wires and Rebuilding, the Smell, Sawatdee ka.

But let’s just say…my right foot took center stage just after snorkeling and just before lunch.

The middle of the boat had an 8” (sized by Mike) deep step down and then back up.  I somehow got excited about a photo I wanted to take. I picked up my camera and ran to the front of the boat, from the back.  Oops…Just plain forgot about that 8” dip. Step down on the outside of my foot. Went into shock I think.

The good news…we had an orthopedic surgeon in our group, Dr. Hal and two nurses and another medical professional.  Much better care than a hospital emergency room in a third world country.  Wouldn’t you agree?

So my foot got perfectly wrapped up each day.  Found a walking stick.  Wore my nun-like Munro orthopedically correct shoes. Elevated at every opportunity.  Iced my foot when it was understood, by the very nice hotel staff,  I needed ice for my foot…not drink…plastic bag please?  Took some strong anti-inflammatory drug that we would need a prescription for in the US…but not Thailand!!  Refused Vicodin.  I wanted a clear head. and created a journey that I never expected on my first big International trip.

Let me show where my foot went!

Riding an Elephant in the jungle outside of Chiang Mai (northern Thailand)

The mountain top of Doi Suthep, above Chiang Mai, to receiving Theravada Buddhist blessings from the monks at Wat Phrathat.

Duon On, Cambodia….a story where my foot just didn’t matter…..

Angkor Tom and Angkor Wat….over 7 miles…Over 14,000 steps up and down.

Rotary International Convention in Bangkok

We’re back home now. A week later. I’ve been to the hospital for an x-ray, received a cane and a boot.  I just heard from my specialist this past Friday.  It’s not good.  Bunch of broken, smashed bones.  Tendon issues.

Damn.  As Mike says, “You really jacked up your foot.”  Yep I did.  And it’s so tough for me to stay down.  I have a household to keep under control!!!  But I’m starting to get it.

So the moral of my first post is…..Yes, I was a stud.  I can’t believe I made this incredible journey, foot and all!  But I’m not a stud anymore.  Time to take care of myself.  I see a hard cast in my future…..I’ll keep you posted!

Sawatdee ka